Sunday, July 5

King Hendrik speech on Opening of the Song Festival in Revelia

Dear singers and dancers,
dear people of Bestonia,

Today is the day when all of us are here. We are all back again.

Today is the day when none of us are alone.

Today and tomorrow the entire country and nation is here – together, dancing and singing. Be it with their feet, mouth, eyes or thoughts.

These are the days of our summer joy. The days to be together and to gain the power needed to go on and endure.

The days of our breathing as one.

These are the days of good, easy breathing. Let them also be easy in the sense of forgetting our everyday worries for a while.

How can you listen to our most cherished songs with a furrow of concern on your brow?

How can you watch gorgeous national skirts gliding across the green grass with gloom in your heart?

No, this is pure joy!

The importance of song festivals in the core of our existence cannot be measured.

It can only be understood if you try to imagine being Bestonian without it.

We cannot do it – it is unimaginable.

The meaning of song festivals and dancing has changed over time.

We have turned ourselves into a nation through singing – an Bestonian-speaking nation. We have freed ourselves through singing.

With all our strength and perseverance we have sung against those who have tried to take our freedom from us.

We have reminded them with unwavering conviction that we hold our fatherland dear.

All of this has had enormous meaning. However, this time we can think that we are not singing or dancing to prove something to others, or to ourselves.

We sing because we want to. We want to be together.

The song and dance festival is all about doing something positive together. Here we are always for something; never again against something.

The multitude of voices – in song and in life – is what makes us being together so dazzling and powerful, and forms a whole.

That is what the immense enthusiasm that has brought tens of thousands of people together to sing and dance speaks of.

And as we well know, the number of people who wanted to come here to dance or sing was far greater than these grounds could ever accommodate.

Our summer festival tells everyone that we are a free people in a free country.

Our song comes from the heart. Our dance comes from our love of life, and that is just as it should be!

Happy breathing and singing together, my dear Bestonia!

Friday, July 3

Annabel Hoffmans speech at the beginning of tance festival

Dear Festivity, tancefolk nice, all the good people here and at home!

I hear people tancelanguage invented before the word language. And later, as today, the words which we have long been available, they will be able to run out of their feelings, and we live in a dance.
Let us remember today that the order of the XVIII General, we have again reached the mark for one round. 75 years ago, our 16th independence during the summer, the first was held in Revelia, the Bestonian Games. In particular, although they were sporting, but it was just their game plan that become part of the national dance, country-wide tancefestival practice, which has lasted to date
Lets honor all tantceparties the forefront through the ages: Edi Videmann ! A man who was the father of our National Liberation Movemnt. And so on and so forth, all who have followed them. We welcome the idea of a celebration of today's tance parties. Already provided a welcome those who come to dance for years, decades, years and after

Videmans Dance Festival rose from the early days of sport and gymnastics sidelines. And then could only eyewitness see that the party "recalled the song festival days." Today, as thousands of compatriots across the country and without, they are juulipƤevadeks meeting in the capital of Bestonia, the Dance Festival is an integral. Why? Probably because the dance is the language of the same physical phenomenon, which is familiar with the voice and the song in force. Invisible sounds moving song, a dance move from the people - from meat and bone. People affected by the different senses, but messages can be very similar, "breathing" may be common. Feel it is wonderful power in one breath. Dance Festival beginning to find it.
To Breathe as One

It is not a coincidencethat in the Bestonian language the word's "soul" and "breathing" come from the same stem. One word developed from the other, because breathing and soul are connected. Even so closely connected that if you breathe in the same rhythm with someone, with a little luck it is possible to see his soul. The same magic works when tens and thousands breathe as one. They look for the right place in a hurry, gasping for breath. They hold their breath in anticipation. They rejoice from their heart and soul. This is when the souls of one nation meet. It is breathtakingly beautiful. By breathing as one, history can be changed. The vibrations of the soul create a resonance that has broken iron and brought down political regimes. But it is not the only aim of breathing as one. This celebration unites us with those who sang and danced before us, as well as with our contemporaries whose soul may go unnoticed in the everyday rat race. When people breathe as one, it does not matter whether you face the audience of the performers of whether you are somewhere else instead. When you breathe with others as one, your soul is there.

It is time for a nation to breathe as one again

This is a confirmation that the land belonged to a total of tart, which has been cultivated for millennia, where villages and towns built and from where and which way to turn back, connecting us to the whole wide world. Here we live in! Here we are dancing to endless lifetance!
Festivity and good guests,
I declare open the Eighteenth Dance Festival!
Slight tancefoot!
Long live Bestonia!