Monday, March 23

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 1.

At the same moment when Lord Ellis and ,, his merry idiots´´ tired to arrest Col. Traffe another insident happened. You may wonder that this insident happend in mrs Collinsis house, where servant girl slapt parlour maid in the face becuse parlour maid trew footman mug. If you think that then you are wrong gentle reader, this thing happend 2 blocks avay in Palace Royale or Royal Palace. Same morning a young woman (woman pictured in left) walkd in her living room and was nervous. Not only because her guardian Edmund von Black yelld extremly loudly and was angry. Maria-Lousie was the name of that 25 year old beauty who now was weeping terribly.
,, YOU ARE SLUT ´´ yelld Edmund ,, You have a child and you are unmarried!!!´´
,, Please forgive i am sinner i know but he is so nice man. I LOVE HIM´´
,, You stupid stupid girl. You love king but HE IS MARRIED!!! Please understand it. You are talking about king YES
everybody ´loves him. He is nice and polite man. BUT
,, You B............ ´´ said Marie-Luise and slappd Edunds face.
,,I am sorry, but the fact is that we are in serious trouble. I work in palace wery high place and queen is very nice person.I do not wish to betray her. She has been so nice me and she
has helpt US lot. Please remember what happend last year and how she stand on me, when i was near loosing my head´´
,, Did they want to execuite you darling???´´ askd Pamela
,, No no, this wasnt nothing criminal. It was simply a stupid thing, i helpd one guy named Belrick, who was in trouble again. Only one who was in trouble after helping him was me´´
( Mr. Beldrick is the Palace Chief Cook, former cook of General von Flockenstoffel and befour he was working to general he was cook to French Restorant calld ,, Merry Frog´´ a restoraunt wich was ownd Pierre Le Grande)
,, Leave poor girl alone, she is having a child and if the king does not wish to recognise his child we will help and protect child who is innosent´´ said Pamela.
,,Ahh Pamela you are good child´´ said Edmund and hugd his young wife ,,You live in romantic dream´´

Sunday, March 22

Col. Traffe is Dead!!!!

Bestonian Evening News

Col.Traffe a man who is lookd for 3 murders is dead. Police units tired to arrest him but he commited suicite by exploding powder barrel. The explosion killd Col.Traffe and sadly also 5 civillian guard members and 2 police officals. In the victims list is Honorable Lord Ellis, who commanded 5th District Civillian Guard and who lead the arrest. Col. Traffes last words were:,, NO ONE WILL HANG ME , DEATH TO KING´´ 97 people were injured. As a citizen i critisice Lord Ellises decsion to attack on the house were this murders hide. There where innocent people on near by and as we all new that he would surrender volutary. But what is done is done and good is that this man is dead

Fashion show in Royal Palace

Same time when our police is looking col. Traffe queen hold a large scale fashion show in Royal Palace. The show was great sucsess and large sum of money was catherd to charity. For that money a new school was buildt and also large sum were given to poor pesants who lost their home in flod. 20 people got money to buildt new houses. Queen promesd that similar events will be held in future.

Saturday, March 21

The Bestonian Evening News,, Today morning a large scale street riot has broken loose in our great capital. Reasion was simple. Court under Cheif Justce Lord Barry found Col. Traffe not guilty of murder of pesant inn ower and his mother. Two weeks ago Col.Traffe - a former commander of Royal Hussars was dead trunk in ,, Golden Turkey´´ a well known restorant. As people testified in court Col.Traffe arrived with group of hussars in the restorant. They eat and drink and when Sarah Muller, one of the victims who also was the ovner of Golden Turky askd that they must pay ther bill when they wanted to leave then Col Traffe attackt woman. Her 29 year old son wanted to help her mother then he was severly beaten by col Traffe and his hussars. He died 3 days later. Sarah Muller saw what happend to her son and wanted to help him but was killd by the sword. Court desided to free Col Traffe becuse of lack of evidence and also because no one was willing to destifie against him. Several vitnesess were afraid of Col Traffe. After hearing the not guilty verdict grouds catherd near the court house attact the court and tryd to lynch col Traffe. Riots are great in the city and our police force is trying to stop it, also they are triing to lookate Col Traffes wearabout´´

Wednesday, March 4

King and Queen in churhs

Thanks to our great admiral Colly- s ironclad fleet our great king and queen together with hundreds of gests went to church and praisd the lord to the great victory that we had. King said in his speech folloving:

,, My fellow Bestonians!!!!

We greet the news that our navy was sucsessfoul. Those pirates and slave traders are punishd. WE MUST MAKE GLEAR to the rest of the world that WE DO NOT dolerate criminals, who rob innocent people and make them slaves. The türranny of Al Ibraimi and his gang of slave traders got what they deserved. Also notorious pirate Black Barnaby met his end. Today ,when we morn our brave sailors, who died in the line of duty we must look in the future and when such insidents happned again WE WILL ACT!!! We will defend all those who are enslaved and who are victims of piracy. When my frend admiral Colly will come back from his mission i will give him a rank of Grandadmiral. He is nice man and we must honor him ´´

this was kings speech wich went to the harts of every people who listen it.

Bombartment of Pirate bay

4th of march 1740

To His Higness king Hendric

Our Atlantic squadron has sucsessfully bombarded ruthles pirate and slave trader Black Barnaby s hideout. His hideout was the arabi sultan Al-Ibrami. Because Al-ibrami lied to our admiral Colly and thakns to our spies we knew that Black Barnaby was in town. Also we descovered a large number of europian slaves. That was the main reasion why we started to bombard Al Ibraimis fortresses. After 5 hour bombartment by our steam ships send naval infantry regimen to attack the town and liberate europeans. Our losses were some 21 men, who died callantry saving over 10 000 slaves on wich 8000 were europeans. We also captured Black Barnaby and hung him and his crew. More news are on the way
Admiral Albert J Colly
Commander of Atlantic Squadron