Wednesday, April 29

King Henrik´ s Letter to people of Bestonia

,, My fellow countrymen. Today an assasination attemt was made against me. I am unharmd. The conspiriritors wanted to destroy me and my family. Despite that my leg has a schrapnell inside me and my wife are unharmed. But many good people got killd. General Trotha saved my life. Those who are quilty will be hunted down wereever they are. Our police and secret service has their orders´´

Tuesday, April 28

Assasination attemt on King

This is Bestonian Evening News

This morning an another assassination attempt was made against our great king. Late Col. Traffe -s henchman Ltn. Oliveri tired to kill our king but faild. Only one who got wounded was Edmund Black. Guards of king lead by Gen. Trotha saved kings life. Today a martal law was passd in all citys in Bestonia becuse of that event and police is investigating a plot and possible culprits. We are glad that our king was safe again but with great sadness we must tell that this was attempt on kings life in 3 years when king Hendric has been our king. We greatly hope that Moscuvias King is satisfied that another his plots has faild and our king is safe.


Hon. Lord Dante of Yorkschire

Saturday, April 11

Dark forces ower Bestonia

So that what i feard happened and i cant post any pictures on my blog mybe anymore