Tuesday, December 1

A coup d'état attempt in Bestonia

This mornig a a coup d'état attempt was made in our country . This morning about 3.00 in night a group of left wing revolutionists tired to attack a royal palace and prime ministers residence. Also they wanted to attack army barracks and city s arsenal. Police units and army special commando units quickly responded and their plan was destroyed. About 4.15 group of so called revolutions attacked Central Post Office, where they killed minister of transport. He was in that place making revenue at the time. That murder was so cruel that showed the real face of those so call d ,, freedom fighters ´´. Also those rebels got some success when they attacked Central Army Barracks were they murdered hour army cadets. All of those 4 were members of lower classes - peasants. Police units fought desperately in 13th district when they suddenly got help were they didn't think- criminals in their cells offered police their help. About 5 o clock church bells started ringing and angry people come on the streets and started to attack the attackers. Mob attack d those revolutionist and started lynch them. Eventually a police commando put order back in force. More news soon...

Tuesday, November 17

Public Hangings in Bestonia

Yesterday afternoon some 12 conspirators were hanged in our capital. Those were the members of the so call d ,, September criminals ´´ . They worked for foreign coverment and wanted to plot to kill our prime minister Annabel Hoffman and other politicians. The local military court found those individuals guilty and sentenced them death.
Those included following persons:

Alexander Lash aged 69, merchant
Alice Lash aged 40 his wife
Thomas Muller aged 27, former diplomat
Frederic Mars aged 39, former diplomat
Elisabeth Mars aged 35 his wife
Albert Thoma aged 40, former military attache
Peter Thoma aged 18, lieutenant Albert Thoma´s son
Alan Thoma aged 19, captain Albert Thoma´s son
Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel aged 70 , former field marshal
Amalie Von Glockenspiel aged 40 , his wife
Gunther Von Glockenspiel aged 21 Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel´s son
Annalise Saab aged 18, Von Glockenspiel´s servant girl

Peter Von Glimmer aged 39 General of Army aquetted
Anna Amalie Von Glimmer aged 26 his wife aquetted
and some other civilians ( 20 people) were sentenced from 10 to 25 years in prison

Head of the State Security Head Office General Top-ski said that this is a ,,great job victory´´ for our police and secret service.

Friday, November 6

Strange women in royal palace!!!

King Henrik sat down and said "She is a charming and honorable woman, somewhat young, a little thoughtless, but essentially decent and virtuous...she also has spirit and a keenness which surprised me. Her first reaction is always correct; if she would only act according to it, . . . and pay less attention to the gossips, . . . she would be perfect. WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH HER ???´´

Thursday, November 5

The story of Black Widow part 1

The story of a black widow is interesting and tragic. She was daughter a clergyman. She was born in France 16 years ago. Her father took his entire family and escaped from France because he and his family were hugenots and as this religion was banned by French king at time. So thousend of hugenots escaped from France. They went all over the world. As did the family of this story's heroine, Marianne De Delacour . Her father Henrie was prominent hugenot clergyman but his religion was the reason why the they had to leave in hurry. So hurry that they left everything behind. This was terrible because they had to sell everything when they fled from the revenge of French bishop De Lully. De Lully hated Mariann's father and for good reason. Mariann's mother Yvette was a village beauty, when she was young with bright red hair like Marianne today is. She had many suitors including young priest De Lully and young Henry De Delacour. Anyway things went as they went and Yvette married Henry , because De Lully insulted and tired to rape Yvette on hot summer night when he saw Yvette swimming in river nude. He stole her clothes and tired to force her to sleep with him. But last moment game young clergyman and saved her from shame. After that and several punches to the De Lully s nose , he got Marianne s clothes , she dressed and they rode away with Henri s carriage. They then became close friends and when Henry graduated university then they got married. Despite that they were from different classes ( Marianne s father was ex soldier and village blacksmith and Henri was the third son of lower class aristocrat) their families accepted marriage.The reason may be this that Martin De Delacour and Pierre la Pierre were in same regiment and in battle Pierre saved Martins life, who was officer at that time and the entrie De Delacour family was very thankful to Pierre. Anyway young couple were very happily married their first 5 years when suddenly thunderclouds game over their happiness...

Wednesday, November 4

Black Widow in Bestonia

Yesterday something terrible happened. Black Widow visited lady Annabel
Hoffman. They talked a half day and the result was that lady
Annabel quickly went to her brothers house. And then she went to The Tower and spoke to the guards and asked them to meet prisoner no 89235. What happened in The Tower and what lady Annabel asked from prisoner 89235 we see someday... And also you may want to know WHO is Black Widow???

Saturday, October 31

Pumpking festival in Bestonia

Despite those recent horrors that have been in Bestonia there was small pumpkin festival in Bestonian capital.
King and queen attended on this festival and made a little speech. Gen. Thoma askd king and queen to donate a small sum of money to charity. Festival ended with a large feast were some arstocrats drinkt so much that they had to be carried home. Anyway during to those troubled this festival was great

Saturday, September 5

New Coverment in Bestonia

New Coverment was but in charge in Bestonia!!!

More news shortly