Tuesday, December 1

A coup d'état attempt in Bestonia

This mornig a a coup d'état attempt was made in our country . This morning about 3.00 in night a group of left wing revolutionists tired to attack a royal palace and prime ministers residence. Also they wanted to attack army barracks and city s arsenal. Police units and army special commando units quickly responded and their plan was destroyed. About 4.15 group of so called revolutions attacked Central Post Office, where they killed minister of transport. He was in that place making revenue at the time. That murder was so cruel that showed the real face of those so call d ,, freedom fighters ´´. Also those rebels got some success when they attacked Central Army Barracks were they murdered hour army cadets. All of those 4 were members of lower classes - peasants. Police units fought desperately in 13th district when they suddenly got help were they didn't think- criminals in their cells offered police their help. About 5 o clock church bells started ringing and angry people come on the streets and started to attack the attackers. Mob attack d those revolutionist and started lynch them. Eventually a police commando put order back in force. More news soon...

Tuesday, November 17

Public Hangings in Bestonia

Yesterday afternoon some 12 conspirators were hanged in our capital. Those were the members of the so call d ,, September criminals ´´ . They worked for foreign coverment and wanted to plot to kill our prime minister Annabel Hoffman and other politicians. The local military court found those individuals guilty and sentenced them death.
Those included following persons:

Alexander Lash aged 69, merchant
Alice Lash aged 40 his wife
Thomas Muller aged 27, former diplomat
Frederic Mars aged 39, former diplomat
Elisabeth Mars aged 35 his wife
Albert Thoma aged 40, former military attache
Peter Thoma aged 18, lieutenant Albert Thoma´s son
Alan Thoma aged 19, captain Albert Thoma´s son
Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel aged 70 , former field marshal
Amalie Von Glockenspiel aged 40 , his wife
Gunther Von Glockenspiel aged 21 Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel´s son
Annalise Saab aged 18, Von Glockenspiel´s servant girl

Peter Von Glimmer aged 39 General of Army aquetted
Anna Amalie Von Glimmer aged 26 his wife aquetted
and some other civilians ( 20 people) were sentenced from 10 to 25 years in prison

Head of the State Security Head Office General Top-ski said that this is a ,,great job victory´´ for our police and secret service.

Friday, November 6

Strange women in royal palace!!!

King Henrik sat down and said "She is a charming and honorable woman, somewhat young, a little thoughtless, but essentially decent and virtuous...she also has spirit and a keenness which surprised me. Her first reaction is always correct; if she would only act according to it, . . . and pay less attention to the gossips, . . . she would be perfect. WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH HER ???´´

Thursday, November 5

The story of Black Widow part 1

The story of a black widow is interesting and tragic. She was daughter a clergyman. She was born in France 16 years ago. Her father took his entire family and escaped from France because he and his family were hugenots and as this religion was banned by French king at time. So thousend of hugenots escaped from France. They went all over the world. As did the family of this story's heroine, Marianne De Delacour . Her father Henrie was prominent hugenot clergyman but his religion was the reason why the they had to leave in hurry. So hurry that they left everything behind. This was terrible because they had to sell everything when they fled from the revenge of French bishop De Lully. De Lully hated Mariann's father and for good reason. Mariann's mother Yvette was a village beauty, when she was young with bright red hair like Marianne today is. She had many suitors including young priest De Lully and young Henry De Delacour. Anyway things went as they went and Yvette married Henry , because De Lully insulted and tired to rape Yvette on hot summer night when he saw Yvette swimming in river nude. He stole her clothes and tired to force her to sleep with him. But last moment game young clergyman and saved her from shame. After that and several punches to the De Lully s nose , he got Marianne s clothes , she dressed and they rode away with Henri s carriage. They then became close friends and when Henry graduated university then they got married. Despite that they were from different classes ( Marianne s father was ex soldier and village blacksmith and Henri was the third son of lower class aristocrat) their families accepted marriage.The reason may be this that Martin De Delacour and Pierre la Pierre were in same regiment and in battle Pierre saved Martins life, who was officer at that time and the entrie De Delacour family was very thankful to Pierre. Anyway young couple were very happily married their first 5 years when suddenly thunderclouds game over their happiness...

Wednesday, November 4

Black Widow in Bestonia

Yesterday something terrible happened. Black Widow visited lady Annabel
Hoffman. They talked a half day and the result was that lady
Annabel quickly went to her brothers house. And then she went to The Tower and spoke to the guards and asked them to meet prisoner no 89235. What happened in The Tower and what lady Annabel asked from prisoner 89235 we see someday... And also you may want to know WHO is Black Widow???

Saturday, October 31

Pumpking festival in Bestonia

Despite those recent horrors that have been in Bestonia there was small pumpkin festival in Bestonian capital.
King and queen attended on this festival and made a little speech. Gen. Thoma askd king and queen to donate a small sum of money to charity. Festival ended with a large feast were some arstocrats drinkt so much that they had to be carried home. Anyway during to those troubled this festival was great

Saturday, September 5

New Coverment in Bestonia

New Coverment was but in charge in Bestonia!!!

More news shortly

Sunday, July 5

King Hendrik speech on Opening of the Song Festival in Revelia

Dear singers and dancers,
dear people of Bestonia,

Today is the day when all of us are here. We are all back again.

Today is the day when none of us are alone.

Today and tomorrow the entire country and nation is here – together, dancing and singing. Be it with their feet, mouth, eyes or thoughts.

These are the days of our summer joy. The days to be together and to gain the power needed to go on and endure.

The days of our breathing as one.

These are the days of good, easy breathing. Let them also be easy in the sense of forgetting our everyday worries for a while.

How can you listen to our most cherished songs with a furrow of concern on your brow?

How can you watch gorgeous national skirts gliding across the green grass with gloom in your heart?

No, this is pure joy!

The importance of song festivals in the core of our existence cannot be measured.

It can only be understood if you try to imagine being Bestonian without it.

We cannot do it – it is unimaginable.

The meaning of song festivals and dancing has changed over time.

We have turned ourselves into a nation through singing – an Bestonian-speaking nation. We have freed ourselves through singing.

With all our strength and perseverance we have sung against those who have tried to take our freedom from us.

We have reminded them with unwavering conviction that we hold our fatherland dear.

All of this has had enormous meaning. However, this time we can think that we are not singing or dancing to prove something to others, or to ourselves.

We sing because we want to. We want to be together.

The song and dance festival is all about doing something positive together. Here we are always for something; never again against something.

The multitude of voices – in song and in life – is what makes us being together so dazzling and powerful, and forms a whole.

That is what the immense enthusiasm that has brought tens of thousands of people together to sing and dance speaks of.

And as we well know, the number of people who wanted to come here to dance or sing was far greater than these grounds could ever accommodate.

Our summer festival tells everyone that we are a free people in a free country.

Our song comes from the heart. Our dance comes from our love of life, and that is just as it should be!

Happy breathing and singing together, my dear Bestonia!

Friday, July 3

Annabel Hoffmans speech at the beginning of tance festival

Dear Festivity, tancefolk nice, all the good people here and at home!

I hear people tancelanguage invented before the word language. And later, as today, the words which we have long been available, they will be able to run out of their feelings, and we live in a dance.
Let us remember today that the order of the XVIII General, we have again reached the mark for one round. 75 years ago, our 16th independence during the summer, the first was held in Revelia, the Bestonian Games. In particular, although they were sporting, but it was just their game plan that become part of the national dance, country-wide tancefestival practice, which has lasted to date
Lets honor all tantceparties the forefront through the ages: Edi Videmann ! A man who was the father of our National Liberation Movemnt. And so on and so forth, all who have followed them. We welcome the idea of a celebration of today's tance parties. Already provided a welcome those who come to dance for years, decades, years and after

Videmans Dance Festival rose from the early days of sport and gymnastics sidelines. And then could only eyewitness see that the party "recalled the song festival days." Today, as thousands of compatriots across the country and without, they are juulipäevadeks meeting in the capital of Bestonia, the Dance Festival is an integral. Why? Probably because the dance is the language of the same physical phenomenon, which is familiar with the voice and the song in force. Invisible sounds moving song, a dance move from the people - from meat and bone. People affected by the different senses, but messages can be very similar, "breathing" may be common. Feel it is wonderful power in one breath. Dance Festival beginning to find it.
To Breathe as One

It is not a coincidencethat in the Bestonian language the word's "soul" and "breathing" come from the same stem. One word developed from the other, because breathing and soul are connected. Even so closely connected that if you breathe in the same rhythm with someone, with a little luck it is possible to see his soul. The same magic works when tens and thousands breathe as one. They look for the right place in a hurry, gasping for breath. They hold their breath in anticipation. They rejoice from their heart and soul. This is when the souls of one nation meet. It is breathtakingly beautiful. By breathing as one, history can be changed. The vibrations of the soul create a resonance that has broken iron and brought down political regimes. But it is not the only aim of breathing as one. This celebration unites us with those who sang and danced before us, as well as with our contemporaries whose soul may go unnoticed in the everyday rat race. When people breathe as one, it does not matter whether you face the audience of the performers of whether you are somewhere else instead. When you breathe with others as one, your soul is there.

It is time for a nation to breathe as one again

This is a confirmation that the land belonged to a total of tart, which has been cultivated for millennia, where villages and towns built and from where and which way to turn back, connecting us to the whole wide world. Here we live in! Here we are dancing to endless lifetance!
Festivity and good guests,
I declare open the Eighteenth Dance Festival!
Slight tancefoot!
Long live Bestonia!

Monday, June 29

National Victory day seleprations

Today We Bestonias had our annual Victory Day seleprations
Royal Palace - seen in picture was under great fireworks and people all ower the Bestonia came to greet king and royal family.

Monday, June 22

New secret police is formed

Today a Annabel Hoffmann ordered to be formed a new secret police( NSA) This police must use all his power to guard king and other coverment officals. This may know bad about our democrosy but this must be take care because 2 days a go 2 Moscovite Rus spies were arrested in border town. Naturally this shows that that Moscovite rulers whant to kill and destroy everithing. Last week they murdered Ingerian prime minister and now as our police and secret service has told that those to spies wanted to kill Annabel Hoffman. This confesion was made voluntary after 17 hour interiagations. Those actions were justified by our Supreme Court. Also a new Anti Terrorist Law was introduced to our parlament and this law must figth a against clobal terroism. Clobal Terrosism is the new priority what our coverment must take actions against them.

Monday, June 15

Annabel Hoffman is new prime minister

Today ended vote counting and Annabel Hoffman will continiue as prime minister and only change to coverment is that Commander of militari is now Sir Charles Taylor a man who is determend and good military commander in last deade.

Thursday, June 4

Electoral process in Bestonia

Electoral system in Bestonia
Bestonia has 101 member parlament-Staadtdag ( lower chamber) and 51 member upper chamber where aristocrats and peasants are. Lower chamber is elected for individuals and political parties. The electons are in every 4 year so this year will be elections. This is for lower chamber, for upper chamber are indiviuals , landowners , representetives from pesants and workers.

There are 5 mayor political parties in Bestonia

Refomist party- this political party represents rich people
National Fatherlands Leage - this political party represents pesants and lower classes
Liberal Rainbow Unity Party - this political party represents minoritys( gays, animal rigth activist and other minoritys)
Green Nature Party - this, as the name says represents those people who lowes nature
Independent Cristian Party - this party represents churh
Central Party- wich represent aso lower classes

Both men and women are allowed to elect when they become 18 years old. They are allowed to become a canditate when they reach 21.

General Elections in Bestonia

On this sunday there will be a new general electons held in Bestonia. People have to decide that to allow our goverment to make allience to some other gountries or not. This is a new way of democrocy so people CAN decide wich gountry to allied or not!!!

Tuesday, May 12

song and tance festival in Bestonia

In summer june there will be held a song and tance festival in Bestonia so everyone are welcomd to come said our great king to all the ambassodors

Saturday, May 2

New military uniform in Bestonia

A new uniform is introduced to our glorious troops. This uniform must symbolise national unity and prosperity. Which is flourishing in our country. This new army will destroy any enemy which is attaccing our country.

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 3 and conclusion

,, I will ´´ said queen ,, but you must promise me............

Dear reader what happened on the other side of town at this moment? I will take you there . At the same moment col. Traffe the most wanted man in Bestonia detonated powder barrel which exploded .The blast was so high that all the windos fell in. As in Royal Palace

,, What happend ´´ ??? yeld queen on the floor, where she fell.
,, I want to know it also´´´said king and but his wig back on,, What has happend ???´´
,, Your higness this was some kind of explosion´´ said Edmund ,, Are you all rigth, my dear?´´
,, Yes i think so !!! How are you ? ´´ askd Marie -Louise
,, Please your higness be seated. I ll go and i will find out what happened!!! said Edmund
,, Ok Edmund Go ´´ said queen ,, Both of you go ´´ .

Friday, May 1

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 2.

Marie-Luise wept. She got up and dressd herself and went out. It was 20 minutes befoure 12. She hired a coach and ordered to go Royal Palace. Guard greeted her ( because she was old guest in palace) and she went straigth to Kings cabinet.

,, Darling you are here ´´ greeted king ,, how are you this morning. Did you slept well´´
Marie-Luise slapt him in face. ,,You know how i am. I am with child. And this child is yours.´´
,, WHAT´´ king said ,, I am becoming a father, Thats a good news´´
,, YOU ARE A MARRIED MAN´´ PLEASE understand that ´´ said Marie- Louise.
,,Yes your higness ´´ said Edmund who ran inside ,, I am sorry, but you have beatifoul wife, who loves you´´
,, I know but i am becoming father Father´´ yelld king in joy. ,,I have a son´´

,,What !!!!!´´ said queen ,, Whos pregnant,? You b...... you SHEATED ME!!!!´´ yelld queen.
,, I am sorry´´ said king.
,, This man give me false promises and i was drunk HE USED me ....´´ wept Marie-Louise
,, PLEASE FORGIVE ME my dear frend´´ Said Marie-Louise and was on her knees on the front of her frend( the queen naturally).
,, I will ´´ said queen ,, but you must promise me............

Please dear reader what do you think waht happended next ??? You are welcome to publish your opinion on commend section...

Wednesday, April 29

King Henrik´ s Letter to people of Bestonia

,, My fellow countrymen. Today an assasination attemt was made against me. I am unharmd. The conspiriritors wanted to destroy me and my family. Despite that my leg has a schrapnell inside me and my wife are unharmed. But many good people got killd. General Trotha saved my life. Those who are quilty will be hunted down wereever they are. Our police and secret service has their orders´´

Tuesday, April 28

Assasination attemt on King

This is Bestonian Evening News

This morning an another assassination attempt was made against our great king. Late Col. Traffe -s henchman Ltn. Oliveri tired to kill our king but faild. Only one who got wounded was Edmund Black. Guards of king lead by Gen. Trotha saved kings life. Today a martal law was passd in all citys in Bestonia becuse of that event and police is investigating a plot and possible culprits. We are glad that our king was safe again but with great sadness we must tell that this was 11.th attempt on kings life in 3 years when king Hendric has been our king. We greatly hope that Moscuvias King is satisfied that another his plots has faild and our king is safe.


Hon. Lord Dante of Yorkschire

Saturday, April 11

Dark forces ower Bestonia

So that what i feard happened and i cant post any pictures on my blog mybe anymore

Monday, March 23

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 1.

At the same moment when Lord Ellis and ,, his merry idiots´´ tired to arrest Col. Traffe another insident happened. You may wonder that this insident happend in mrs Collinsis house, where servant girl slapt parlour maid in the face becuse parlour maid trew footman mug. If you think that then you are wrong gentle reader, this thing happend 2 blocks avay in Palace Royale or Royal Palace. Same morning a young woman (woman pictured in left) walkd in her living room and was nervous. Not only because her guardian Edmund von Black yelld extremly loudly and was angry. Maria-Lousie was the name of that 25 year old beauty who now was weeping terribly.
,, YOU ARE SLUT ´´ yelld Edmund ,, You have a child and you are unmarried!!!´´
,, Please forgive i am sinner i know but he is so nice man. I LOVE HIM´´
,, You stupid stupid girl. You love king but HE IS MARRIED!!! Please understand it. You are talking about king YES
everybody ´loves him. He is nice and polite man. BUT
,, You B............ ´´ said Marie-Luise and slappd Edunds face.
,,I am sorry, but the fact is that we are in serious trouble. I work in palace wery high place and queen is very nice person.I do not wish to betray her. She has been so nice me and she
has helpt US lot. Please remember what happend last year and how she stand on me, when i was near loosing my head´´
,, Did they want to execuite you darling???´´ askd Pamela
,, No no, this wasnt nothing criminal. It was simply a stupid thing, i helpd one guy named Belrick, who was in trouble again. Only one who was in trouble after helping him was me´´
( Mr. Beldrick is the Palace Chief Cook, former cook of General von Flockenstoffel and befour he was working to general he was cook to French Restorant calld ,, Merry Frog´´ a restoraunt wich was ownd Pierre Le Grande)
,, Leave poor girl alone, she is having a child and if the king does not wish to recognise his child we will help and protect child who is innosent´´ said Pamela.
,,Ahh Pamela you are good child´´ said Edmund and hugd his young wife ,,You live in romantic dream´´

Sunday, March 22

Col. Traffe is Dead!!!!

Bestonian Evening News

Col.Traffe a man who is lookd for 3 murders is dead. Police units tired to arrest him but he commited suicite by exploding powder barrel. The explosion killd Col.Traffe and sadly also 5 civillian guard members and 2 police officals. In the victims list is Honorable Lord Ellis, who commanded 5th District Civillian Guard and who lead the arrest. Col. Traffes last words were:,, NO ONE WILL HANG ME , DEATH TO KING´´ 97 people were injured. As a citizen i critisice Lord Ellises decsion to attack on the house were this murders hide. There where innocent people on near by and as we all new that he would surrender volutary. But what is done is done and good is that this man is dead

Fashion show in Royal Palace

Same time when our police is looking col. Traffe queen hold a large scale fashion show in Royal Palace. The show was great sucsess and large sum of money was catherd to charity. For that money a new school was buildt and also large sum were given to poor pesants who lost their home in flod. 20 people got money to buildt new houses. Queen promesd that similar events will be held in future.

Saturday, March 21

The Bestonian Evening News,, Today morning a large scale street riot has broken loose in our great capital. Reasion was simple. Court under Cheif Justce Lord Barry found Col. Traffe not guilty of murder of pesant inn ower and his mother. Two weeks ago Col.Traffe - a former commander of Royal Hussars was dead trunk in ,, Golden Turkey´´ a well known restorant. As people testified in court Col.Traffe arrived with group of hussars in the restorant. They eat and drink and when Sarah Muller, one of the victims who also was the ovner of Golden Turky askd that they must pay ther bill when they wanted to leave then Col Traffe attackt woman. Her 29 year old son wanted to help her mother then he was severly beaten by col Traffe and his hussars. He died 3 days later. Sarah Muller saw what happend to her son and wanted to help him but was killd by the sword. Court desided to free Col Traffe becuse of lack of evidence and also because no one was willing to destifie against him. Several vitnesess were afraid of Col Traffe. After hearing the not guilty verdict grouds catherd near the court house attact the court and tryd to lynch col Traffe. Riots are great in the city and our police force is trying to stop it, also they are triing to lookate Col Traffes wearabout´´

Wednesday, March 4

King and Queen in churhs

Thanks to our great admiral Colly- s ironclad fleet our great king and queen together with hundreds of gests went to church and praisd the lord to the great victory that we had. King said in his speech folloving:

,, My fellow Bestonians!!!!

We greet the news that our navy was sucsessfoul. Those pirates and slave traders are punishd. WE MUST MAKE GLEAR to the rest of the world that WE DO NOT dolerate criminals, who rob innocent people and make them slaves. The türranny of Al Ibraimi and his gang of slave traders got what they deserved. Also notorious pirate Black Barnaby met his end. Today ,when we morn our brave sailors, who died in the line of duty we must look in the future and when such insidents happned again WE WILL ACT!!! We will defend all those who are enslaved and who are victims of piracy. When my frend admiral Colly will come back from his mission i will give him a rank of Grandadmiral. He is nice man and we must honor him ´´

this was kings speech wich went to the harts of every people who listen it.

Bombartment of Pirate bay

4th of march 1740

To His Higness king Hendric

Our Atlantic squadron has sucsessfully bombarded ruthles pirate and slave trader Black Barnaby s hideout. His hideout was the arabi sultan Al-Ibrami. Because Al-ibrami lied to our admiral Colly and thakns to our spies we knew that Black Barnaby was in town. Also we descovered a large number of europian slaves. That was the main reasion why we started to bombard Al Ibraimis fortresses. After 5 hour bombartment by our steam ships send naval infantry regimen to attack the town and liberate europeans. Our losses were some 21 men, who died callantry saving over 10 000 slaves on wich 8000 were europeans. We also captured Black Barnaby and hung him and his crew. More news are on the way
Admiral Albert J Colly
Commander of Atlantic Squadron

Saturday, February 28

Secret weddig ceremony and declaration of war

Bestonian evening news
28th of frebruary 1740
by The Honourable Alexander Mac
publisher of ,,Bestonian Evening News´´

,,Yesturday we all heard a great news that Count Edmund von Black, master of ceremonies to royal household has asked hand in marriage to Pamela MacDonald, a 16 year old queen chambermaid and daughter of late Jacobite general Sir Donald James Charles MacDonald. Sir Donald, who took part in Battle of Sheriffmuir and later was living in Bestonia, where he died 10 years ago give such nice highland beauty to our country. Marriage took place in chapel near barracks of highland jacobite troops, that are stationed in our country. Bride and groom were later wisited by king and queen, who give them their blessing and a nice manor near our capital. As together with our scottish we wish newlyweds a long and happy marriage life.
International news
News has reach to our hand that our Atlantic squadron was attackt buy ruthles pirate and slave trader Black Barnaby. Our coverment has reach the desision to end Atlantic slave trade and that was the main reasion why our ship was attackt. Further news as soon as the reach to the Board of Admiralty.´´

Thursday, February 26

Great scandal in Bestonia 26th february 1740

Edmund von Black, Great charlatan, master of ceremonies to royal household and the most cunning man in etnire world has made a great desicion. You gentle reader may think that he his plannig overtrohv the coverment or swindle and cheat a great sum of money from king. if you think that then you are mistaken. He is in love!!! And to none other than Pamela MacDonald - 16 year old queen chambermaid. Last night he askd her hand in marriage and she agreed. So we have wedding ahead.

Wednesday, February 25

24th of february 1740

Its Independence day and great seleprations are going on all over our great country. King and queen are happy and people are also. Only one who is not is prime minister. He interupted king and queen to their morning tee and breakfest.

,, Your higness PLEASE speak to me, and read my report!!´´

,, We would like to eat in quiet time plese ´´ said the queen ,, every time when you come, you bring bad news. We know what is matter, but today is our independence day and we would like be happy today´´

,, I must protest madam your behaviour is intolerate´´ yelld Klince.

,, GET OUT´´ yelld to him master of ceremonies ,, you impossible person, GO now´´

,, Please your higness ,can you to something about this man? PLEASE ´´ whispered chambermaid Pamela to king ,, He wants to destroy this country´´

,, Oh all rigth ´´ said the king ,, lets see what we can to about this problem, btw general elections are coming this weekend. Lets see what we can to´´´

After breakfest king and queen went to their rooms to prepair to the evening ball. People in the ball realised one thing, thunder was in the air because opositon party leader madame de Oliver greeted the prime minister but her face was grim, she lookd to her frend and started to tance with him.

,, We must buy more new battleship to figth agains the pirates´´said covernor Swanson to admiral Colle. ,, Yes i agree, but lets not talk to politics or war , lets tance tance ´´ Maria Yvette quicley said ,, lets talk about your wife insteed, how she and the baby? Are they all rigth ? ,, Yes the are. Good news is that they are all rigth but the bad news is that she is having a affaire´´ ,, What ???´´ said covernor Swanson ,, You dair to call my sister a cheater, you sir are call to duel´´ ,, Well time and place´´ said admiral Colle back. Meanwhile king and queen tanced happily like they did their wedding.

Sunday, February 22

Our great country birthday is coming

On 24th of February is our national independence day. And thanks to that our great king and queen will have traditional ball. Prime minister Von Kincke has proclamed that a covermental pardon will come all the mutineers and rebels who mutineerd against coverment last year. Thats a good news because peasants want peace and harmony. Lots of people critizice this years ball because our countrys económic situation is very bad. People are restless and a oposition parties in parlament are angry to coalition partes.

Letter from His higness, the king

22. february 1740

King Hendrik I, from the crace of god has decided to start diplomatic relations with other countries. So ambassadors from other countries are welcome to our wondrefoul capital Revelia.For the start it must make clear that Bestland(Bestonia) is a independent democratic republic , wich in odd way is ruled by king. We have cranted full citizen rigths to both man and women. Our great king has dicided to make this our wondrefoul country better know in this world and king hopes that people from other countries will be frendly to us.