Monday, June 29

National Victory day seleprations

Today We Bestonias had our annual Victory Day seleprations
Royal Palace - seen in picture was under great fireworks and people all ower the Bestonia came to greet king and royal family.

Monday, June 22

New secret police is formed

Today a Annabel Hoffmann ordered to be formed a new secret police( NSA) This police must use all his power to guard king and other coverment officals. This may know bad about our democrosy but this must be take care because 2 days a go 2 Moscovite Rus spies were arrested in border town. Naturally this shows that that Moscovite rulers whant to kill and destroy everithing. Last week they murdered Ingerian prime minister and now as our police and secret service has told that those to spies wanted to kill Annabel Hoffman. This confesion was made voluntary after 17 hour interiagations. Those actions were justified by our Supreme Court. Also a new Anti Terrorist Law was introduced to our parlament and this law must figth a against clobal terroism. Clobal Terrosism is the new priority what our coverment must take actions against them.

Monday, June 15

Annabel Hoffman is new prime minister

Today ended vote counting and Annabel Hoffman will continiue as prime minister and only change to coverment is that Commander of militari is now Sir Charles Taylor a man who is determend and good military commander in last deade.

Thursday, June 4

Electoral process in Bestonia

Electoral system in Bestonia
Bestonia has 101 member parlament-Staadtdag ( lower chamber) and 51 member upper chamber where aristocrats and peasants are. Lower chamber is elected for individuals and political parties. The electons are in every 4 year so this year will be elections. This is for lower chamber, for upper chamber are indiviuals , landowners , representetives from pesants and workers.

There are 5 mayor political parties in Bestonia

Refomist party- this political party represents rich people
National Fatherlands Leage - this political party represents pesants and lower classes
Liberal Rainbow Unity Party - this political party represents minoritys( gays, animal rigth activist and other minoritys)
Green Nature Party - this, as the name says represents those people who lowes nature
Independent Cristian Party - this party represents churh
Central Party- wich represent aso lower classes

Both men and women are allowed to elect when they become 18 years old. They are allowed to become a canditate when they reach 21.

General Elections in Bestonia

On this sunday there will be a new general electons held in Bestonia. People have to decide that to allow our goverment to make allience to some other gountries or not. This is a new way of democrocy so people CAN decide wich gountry to allied or not!!!