Wednesday, April 29

King Henrik´ s Letter to people of Bestonia

,, My fellow countrymen. Today an assasination attemt was made against me. I am unharmd. The conspiriritors wanted to destroy me and my family. Despite that my leg has a schrapnell inside me and my wife are unharmed. But many good people got killd. General Trotha saved my life. Those who are quilty will be hunted down wereever they are. Our police and secret service has their orders´´


  1. Characteres from left to rigth

    Admirlal Juno Alexander , Governeur Swanson , General Otto Ernts Trohta

    Still some odd problemis with my laptop wich doesnt allow me to post pictures and comments so i am using currently work computer

  2. Did you sculpt these figures? If so, very cool!

  3. no they are new strlets ,, From Narva to Poltava´´ figures wich i am using a Bestonian king Henrick and his henchman.