Friday, May 1

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 2.

Marie-Luise wept. She got up and dressd herself and went out. It was 20 minutes befoure 12. She hired a coach and ordered to go Royal Palace. Guard greeted her ( because she was old guest in palace) and she went straigth to Kings cabinet.

,, Darling you are here ´´ greeted king ,, how are you this morning. Did you slept well´´
Marie-Luise slapt him in face. ,,You know how i am. I am with child. And this child is yours.´´
,, WHAT´´ king said ,, I am becoming a father, Thats a good news´´
,, YOU ARE A MARRIED MAN´´ PLEASE understand that ´´ said Marie- Louise.
,,Yes your higness ´´ said Edmund who ran inside ,, I am sorry, but you have beatifoul wife, who loves you´´
,, I know but i am becoming father Father´´ yelld king in joy. ,,I have a son´´

,,What !!!!!´´ said queen ,, Whos pregnant,? You b...... you SHEATED ME!!!!´´ yelld queen.
,, I am sorry´´ said king.
,, This man give me false promises and i was drunk HE USED me ....´´ wept Marie-Louise
,, PLEASE FORGIVE ME my dear frend´´ Said Marie-Louise and was on her knees on the front of her frend( the queen naturally).
,, I will ´´ said queen ,, but you must promise me............

Please dear reader what do you think waht happended next ??? You are welcome to publish your opinion on commend section...


  1. I think that the King sleeps alone tonight.

    -- Jeff

  2. those events happended on the same day when they wanted to arrest col traffe. btw king always sleeps alone

  3. I suspect that if the child is a boy, she'll have to give it up for the queen to raise as her own ...

  4. the problem is that the queen is also having a child ha ha