Saturday, May 2

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 3 and conclusion

,, I will ´´ said queen ,, but you must promise me............

Dear reader what happened on the other side of town at this moment? I will take you there . At the same moment col. Traffe the most wanted man in Bestonia detonated powder barrel which exploded .The blast was so high that all the windos fell in. As in Royal Palace

,, What happend ´´ ??? yeld queen on the floor, where she fell.
,, I want to know it also´´´said king and but his wig back on,, What has happend ???´´
,, Your higness this was some kind of explosion´´ said Edmund ,, Are you all rigth, my dear?´´
,, Yes i think so !!! How are you ? ´´ askd Marie -Louise
,, Please your higness be seated. I ll go and i will find out what happened!!! said Edmund
,, Ok Edmund Go ´´ said queen ,, Both of you go ´´ .

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