Monday, June 22

New secret police is formed

Today a Annabel Hoffmann ordered to be formed a new secret police( NSA) This police must use all his power to guard king and other coverment officals. This may know bad about our democrosy but this must be take care because 2 days a go 2 Moscovite Rus spies were arrested in border town. Naturally this shows that that Moscovite rulers whant to kill and destroy everithing. Last week they murdered Ingerian prime minister and now as our police and secret service has told that those to spies wanted to kill Annabel Hoffman. This confesion was made voluntary after 17 hour interiagations. Those actions were justified by our Supreme Court. Also a new Anti Terrorist Law was introduced to our parlament and this law must figth a against clobal terroism. Clobal Terrosism is the new priority what our coverment must take actions against them.


  1. We in Monte-Cristo dearly hope that, if Lady Annabel Hoffmann is heading to Total War Against Terrorism or raises a kind of Countries United to Negate Terrorism, her endeavours will not be met the same fatal conclusion as those of her predecessor in that direction, Duke Peter of Saschen-Vindow.

  2. Hello She naturally hopes that other countries will make their maind and helps figth against pirates. Pirates and and foreing spies are in as terrorist in the harts of Bestonian people. Also there were men like late Col.Traffe , who wanted to overtrow our elected coverment. Our glorious country has sufferd lot in past and thats the main reasion why we must defend ourselfs. And Annabel Hoffman must not worry. She has lots of bodycuards and people loves her as hes popularity rait grew 100% when her cabinet new law was passd. And also there is a new secret police wich is wery strong.