Thursday, June 4

Electoral process in Bestonia

Electoral system in Bestonia
Bestonia has 101 member parlament-Staadtdag ( lower chamber) and 51 member upper chamber where aristocrats and peasants are. Lower chamber is elected for individuals and political parties. The electons are in every 4 year so this year will be elections. This is for lower chamber, for upper chamber are indiviuals , landowners , representetives from pesants and workers.

There are 5 mayor political parties in Bestonia

Refomist party- this political party represents rich people
National Fatherlands Leage - this political party represents pesants and lower classes
Liberal Rainbow Unity Party - this political party represents minoritys( gays, animal rigth activist and other minoritys)
Green Nature Party - this, as the name says represents those people who lowes nature
Independent Cristian Party - this party represents churh
Central Party- wich represent aso lower classes

Both men and women are allowed to elect when they become 18 years old. They are allowed to become a canditate when they reach 21.


  1. Why would the rich want to reform anything?

  2. Rich people in Bestonia does not want to pay taxes and so this party represents all rich people and aristocrats. Annabel Hoffmann tired to make rich people to pay more taxes but they dont like this idea. So thats the reasion why current political situation is in Bestonia