Wednesday, November 4

Black Widow in Bestonia

Yesterday something terrible happened. Black Widow visited lady Annabel
Hoffman. They talked a half day and the result was that lady
Annabel quickly went to her brothers house. And then she went to The Tower and spoke to the guards and asked them to meet prisoner no 89235. What happened in The Tower and what lady Annabel asked from prisoner 89235 we see someday... And also you may want to know WHO is Black Widow???


  1. Okay . . . who is Black Widow?

    -- Jeff

  2. Promising, SO promising!
    Glad to see Lady Annabel well and alive, and active.

    'I'm not a number, I'm a free man'
    (Prisoner 89235)

  3. hi you are right can i use this sentence in my next chapter of ,,TALES FROM BESTONIA´´ ???