Tuesday, November 17

Public Hangings in Bestonia

Yesterday afternoon some 12 conspirators were hanged in our capital. Those were the members of the so call d ,, September criminals ´´ . They worked for foreign coverment and wanted to plot to kill our prime minister Annabel Hoffman and other politicians. The local military court found those individuals guilty and sentenced them death.
Those included following persons:

Alexander Lash aged 69, merchant
Alice Lash aged 40 his wife
Thomas Muller aged 27, former diplomat
Frederic Mars aged 39, former diplomat
Elisabeth Mars aged 35 his wife
Albert Thoma aged 40, former military attache
Peter Thoma aged 18, lieutenant Albert Thoma´s son
Alan Thoma aged 19, captain Albert Thoma´s son
Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel aged 70 , former field marshal
Amalie Von Glockenspiel aged 40 , his wife
Gunther Von Glockenspiel aged 21 Graf Friedrich Von Glockenspiel´s son
Annalise Saab aged 18, Von Glockenspiel´s servant girl

Peter Von Glimmer aged 39 General of Army aquetted
Anna Amalie Von Glimmer aged 26 his wife aquetted
and some other civilians ( 20 people) were sentenced from 10 to 25 years in prison

Head of the State Security Head Office General Top-ski said that this is a ,,great job victory´´ for our police and secret service.


  1. this story is related to the black widow story

  2. Quite an expeditive way to solve problems!
    Looking forward to learn more about the Black Widow:
    in Monte-Cristo with value strong female characters, and with Lady Annabel and now the Black Widow Bestiona seems endowed with such.

    A welcome relief, now that the previously 'interesting' Duchess of Saschen-Vindow seemingly turned to a run-of-the-mill housewife...