Tuesday, December 1

A coup d'état attempt in Bestonia

This mornig a a coup d'état attempt was made in our country . This morning about 3.00 in night a group of left wing revolutionists tired to attack a royal palace and prime ministers residence. Also they wanted to attack army barracks and city s arsenal. Police units and army special commando units quickly responded and their plan was destroyed. About 4.15 group of so called revolutions attacked Central Post Office, where they killed minister of transport. He was in that place making revenue at the time. That murder was so cruel that showed the real face of those so call d ,, freedom fighters ´´. Also those rebels got some success when they attacked Central Army Barracks were they murdered hour army cadets. All of those 4 were members of lower classes - peasants. Police units fought desperately in 13th district when they suddenly got help were they didn't think- criminals in their cells offered police their help. About 5 o clock church bells started ringing and angry people come on the streets and started to attack the attackers. Mob attack d those revolutionist and started lynch them. Eventually a police commando put order back in force. More news soon...

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