Wednesday, February 25

24th of february 1740

Its Independence day and great seleprations are going on all over our great country. King and queen are happy and people are also. Only one who is not is prime minister. He interupted king and queen to their morning tee and breakfest.

,, Your higness PLEASE speak to me, and read my report!!´´

,, We would like to eat in quiet time plese ´´ said the queen ,, every time when you come, you bring bad news. We know what is matter, but today is our independence day and we would like be happy today´´

,, I must protest madam your behaviour is intolerate´´ yelld Klince.

,, GET OUT´´ yelld to him master of ceremonies ,, you impossible person, GO now´´

,, Please your higness ,can you to something about this man? PLEASE ´´ whispered chambermaid Pamela to king ,, He wants to destroy this country´´

,, Oh all rigth ´´ said the king ,, lets see what we can to about this problem, btw general elections are coming this weekend. Lets see what we can to´´´

After breakfest king and queen went to their rooms to prepair to the evening ball. People in the ball realised one thing, thunder was in the air because opositon party leader madame de Oliver greeted the prime minister but her face was grim, she lookd to her frend and started to tance with him.

,, We must buy more new battleship to figth agains the pirates´´said covernor Swanson to admiral Colle. ,, Yes i agree, but lets not talk to politics or war , lets tance tance ´´ Maria Yvette quicley said ,, lets talk about your wife insteed, how she and the baby? Are they all rigth ? ,, Yes the are. Good news is that they are all rigth but the bad news is that she is having a affaire´´ ,, What ???´´ said covernor Swanson ,, You dair to call my sister a cheater, you sir are call to duel´´ ,, Well time and place´´ said admiral Colle back. Meanwhile king and queen tanced happily like they did their wedding.

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  1. Kert,

    It is nice to have someone from Estonia joining our Eighteenth Century community.

    -- Jeff