Sunday, February 22

Our great country birthday is coming

On 24th of February is our national independence day. And thanks to that our great king and queen will have traditional ball. Prime minister Von Kincke has proclamed that a covermental pardon will come all the mutineers and rebels who mutineerd against coverment last year. Thats a good news because peasants want peace and harmony. Lots of people critizice this years ball because our countrys económic situation is very bad. People are restless and a oposition parties in parlament are angry to coalition partes.


  1. His Majesty de St. Maurice sends his complements and welcomes your nation, democratic though it may be, to the league of imagi-nations. We look forward to future postings on the goings on in Bestonia, including troop pictures please.


  2. Greetings and Salutations!
    The King and Queen of The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales, (HMKoNW) extend a hand of friendship!
    It appears your Queen is closely related to our Queen Raechel Of New Wales; they are almost twins!
    Queen Raechel is also of Saxon extraction.
    We will dispatch an Ambassador to you post haste.

  3. As a Principality somehow ruled by a Prince, Monte-Cristo specially enjoys to greet a Republic somehow ruled by a King.
    And a Sister Country where both man and women were granted full and equal citizen rigths (of course everywhere *some* women have more power, and a larger ability to stir trouble, than most men - but unofficially).


  4. Greetings and felicitations from the Kingdom of Wittenberg

    -- Allan

  5. His Grace the Herzog von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn salutes his cousin on the frosty Baltic.