Saturday, February 28

Secret weddig ceremony and declaration of war

Bestonian evening news
28th of frebruary 1740
by The Honourable Alexander Mac
publisher of ,,Bestonian Evening News´´

,,Yesturday we all heard a great news that Count Edmund von Black, master of ceremonies to royal household has asked hand in marriage to Pamela MacDonald, a 16 year old queen chambermaid and daughter of late Jacobite general Sir Donald James Charles MacDonald. Sir Donald, who took part in Battle of Sheriffmuir and later was living in Bestonia, where he died 10 years ago give such nice highland beauty to our country. Marriage took place in chapel near barracks of highland jacobite troops, that are stationed in our country. Bride and groom were later wisited by king and queen, who give them their blessing and a nice manor near our capital. As together with our scottish we wish newlyweds a long and happy marriage life.
International news
News has reach to our hand that our Atlantic squadron was attackt buy ruthles pirate and slave trader Black Barnaby. Our coverment has reach the desision to end Atlantic slave trade and that was the main reasion why our ship was attackt. Further news as soon as the reach to the Board of Admiralty.´´


  1. Good news and bad news, joy and worries: such is life indeed...

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple. Reich Duke Wilhelm has approved the investiture of King Hendrick I into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard.