Saturday, March 21

The Bestonian Evening News,, Today morning a large scale street riot has broken loose in our great capital. Reasion was simple. Court under Cheif Justce Lord Barry found Col. Traffe not guilty of murder of pesant inn ower and his mother. Two weeks ago Col.Traffe - a former commander of Royal Hussars was dead trunk in ,, Golden Turkey´´ a well known restorant. As people testified in court Col.Traffe arrived with group of hussars in the restorant. They eat and drink and when Sarah Muller, one of the victims who also was the ovner of Golden Turky askd that they must pay ther bill when they wanted to leave then Col Traffe attackt woman. Her 29 year old son wanted to help her mother then he was severly beaten by col Traffe and his hussars. He died 3 days later. Sarah Muller saw what happend to her son and wanted to help him but was killd by the sword. Court desided to free Col Traffe becuse of lack of evidence and also because no one was willing to destifie against him. Several vitnesess were afraid of Col Traffe. After hearing the not guilty verdict grouds catherd near the court house attact the court and tryd to lynch col Traffe. Riots are great in the city and our police force is trying to stop it, also they are triing to lookate Col Traffes wearabout´´


  1. Hello

    i am sorry that from previous post offended some people but i wanted to tell the story what happend in my country in the year of 1655 when swedish dragoon officer killd entire family of peasant because they didnt give him and his men shelter. And there were riots but they were brutally supressd

  2. No problem mate! Your story line is part of your imagi-nation's history and should be seen as such. Best regards...Bill

  3. Sorry to have come late to your party!
    Nice story line, and the kind of horrors in the posts re Col Traffe seem to have been endemic even in Europe until WWI ... and still persist there while flourishing world wide.

    Two questions from a late comer ...
    How does the "Republic" wind up with a royal house?
    what is your native language (I hesitated to ask this, but I'm a disabled English teacher ... and the misspellings all seemed to have an inherent logic to them which indicated to me that they may have been deliberate, the story line is good and so far the characterizations is quite clear too :) ).

  4. hello
    i took example in Poland in 17th -18th century wich was calld republic but was ruled by king

    i come from estonia and thats way my english may not be so good sorry for that