Monday, March 23

,,Explosion´´ in Royal Palace Part 1.

At the same moment when Lord Ellis and ,, his merry idiots´´ tired to arrest Col. Traffe another insident happened. You may wonder that this insident happend in mrs Collinsis house, where servant girl slapt parlour maid in the face becuse parlour maid trew footman mug. If you think that then you are wrong gentle reader, this thing happend 2 blocks avay in Palace Royale or Royal Palace. Same morning a young woman (woman pictured in left) walkd in her living room and was nervous. Not only because her guardian Edmund von Black yelld extremly loudly and was angry. Maria-Lousie was the name of that 25 year old beauty who now was weeping terribly.
,, YOU ARE SLUT ´´ yelld Edmund ,, You have a child and you are unmarried!!!´´
,, Please forgive i am sinner i know but he is so nice man. I LOVE HIM´´
,, You stupid stupid girl. You love king but HE IS MARRIED!!! Please understand it. You are talking about king YES
everybody ´loves him. He is nice and polite man. BUT
,, You B............ ´´ said Marie-Luise and slappd Edunds face.
,,I am sorry, but the fact is that we are in serious trouble. I work in palace wery high place and queen is very nice person.I do not wish to betray her. She has been so nice me and she
has helpt US lot. Please remember what happend last year and how she stand on me, when i was near loosing my head´´
,, Did they want to execuite you darling???´´ askd Pamela
,, No no, this wasnt nothing criminal. It was simply a stupid thing, i helpd one guy named Belrick, who was in trouble again. Only one who was in trouble after helping him was me´´
( Mr. Beldrick is the Palace Chief Cook, former cook of General von Flockenstoffel and befour he was working to general he was cook to French Restorant calld ,, Merry Frog´´ a restoraunt wich was ownd Pierre Le Grande)
,, Leave poor girl alone, she is having a child and if the king does not wish to recognise his child we will help and protect child who is innosent´´ said Pamela.
,,Ahh Pamela you are good child´´ said Edmund and hugd his young wife ,,You live in romantic dream´´

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