Wednesday, March 4

King and Queen in churhs

Thanks to our great admiral Colly- s ironclad fleet our great king and queen together with hundreds of gests went to church and praisd the lord to the great victory that we had. King said in his speech folloving:

,, My fellow Bestonians!!!!

We greet the news that our navy was sucsessfoul. Those pirates and slave traders are punishd. WE MUST MAKE GLEAR to the rest of the world that WE DO NOT dolerate criminals, who rob innocent people and make them slaves. The türranny of Al Ibraimi and his gang of slave traders got what they deserved. Also notorious pirate Black Barnaby met his end. Today ,when we morn our brave sailors, who died in the line of duty we must look in the future and when such insidents happned again WE WILL ACT!!! We will defend all those who are enslaved and who are victims of piracy. When my frend admiral Colly will come back from his mission i will give him a rank of Grandadmiral. He is nice man and we must honor him ´´

this was kings speech wich went to the harts of every people who listen it.

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  1. Congratulations on your victory over the dreaded pirates. Reich Duke Wilhelm had awarded Grandadmiral Colly the Military Order of the Golden Crown. This award is seldom awarded to foreigners, however, victory over a common enemy qualifies. This awarded is only for Generals and Admirals for victory, gallantry, and heroic daring do on the field of battle.