Sunday, March 22

Col. Traffe is Dead!!!!

Bestonian Evening News

Col.Traffe a man who is lookd for 3 murders is dead. Police units tired to arrest him but he commited suicite by exploding powder barrel. The explosion killd Col.Traffe and sadly also 5 civillian guard members and 2 police officals. In the victims list is Honorable Lord Ellis, who commanded 5th District Civillian Guard and who lead the arrest. Col. Traffes last words were:,, NO ONE WILL HANG ME , DEATH TO KING´´ 97 people were injured. As a citizen i critisice Lord Ellises decsion to attack on the house were this murders hide. There where innocent people on near by and as we all new that he would surrender volutary. But what is done is done and good is that this man is dead


  1. Good riddance . . . but the 'collateral damage' is a bit hard to take.

    -- Jeff

  2. I've been enjoying the story line.
    Now, where will the next scandal arise?